Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet You There Monday

There are sooooo many exciting things going on at Cornerstone!!!!!!!
PLEASE do not miss any of them

Women's Bible Study
Women's Prayer Time on Tuesday Mornings
Women's Prayer Time on Friday's at Noon.
Nursing Home Ministry
Jail Ministry
Prayer Ministry
Men's Ministry is getting started up and you can't help but to be encouraged listening to their testimony on Sunday mornings. PRAY for our men!!!!!!!

Where do you fit in? Where is the Lord calling you to serve Him????

It's an exciting time.......Jump In!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Think About It Thursday

We Are Able But Are We Willing?

I have been studying the book of Ruth this summer. You may be familiar with the story of Ruth who was faithful to her mother in law, Naomi after the death of her husband and father in law. Ruth could have returned to her family and all that was familiar and comfortable to her. But she didn’t. She returned to Bethlehem with Ruth. There she works hard in the fields of Boaz to help provide for herself and Naomi. In chapter 4 of Ruth we find the custom of the Israelites that allowed the nearest kin to “redeem” the property of a deceased relative including wives and children. This person was considered a kinsman-redeemer. Kelly Minter, the author of the study I am doing, “highlights 3 facets of a kinsman redeemer:

1) A kinsman-redeemer must be near of kin

2) A kinsman-redeemer must be able to redeem

3) A kinsman-redeemer must be willing to redeem

There was actually a closer redeemer for Ruth than Boaz. Scripture does not reveal his identity but it does reveal that he was near of kin, that he was able to redeem, but he was not willing to redeem! And, isn’t it this third element that ends up being our downfall? We’re able, but so often we’re just not willing. This may be one of the most tragic ways for a Christian to spend her life: In the right place with all the right resources but without a willing heart. I so desperately do not want to get to the end of my life to find I’ve missed having an eternal impact because I made all of life’s decisions based solely on what made sense for me and what was for my benefit-unwilling to yield myself to the Lord”

After Pastor Rick’s sermon Sunday about surrender and this reminder of how we must be willing to yield, maybe He’s trying to get our attention. Think about it. Could he be trying to tell us we need to be willing to be made willing? I am just saying…..

In His Service,

Pam Carrigan