Thursday, February 10, 2011


BOOKS!!!! are everywhere. In our homes, in our office, at the church, in the grocery store, and they are just everywhere. Do you read them? If you do read them, why do you read them?
I have several blogs that I read just about once a day and sometimes more if they post more than once a day.
Marsha, our Missionary in Ukraine, posted the other day about her favorite Top Ten. LOVED this and it was funny reading because we have the same books. She has read some new favorites and of course, now I want them.
Cindy, Soon to be on the field in Spain, posted about a book she is reading and the title caught me and now I am VERY curious about getting it and reading it. I haven't read that but just her post about the book made me think. I mean REALLY think!!!!!!
I went to another site today and she has a book posted. Talked to Tara last night and she is telling me about a blog-writer that she is reading the book that she wrote.
My first thought is....I need to go to Amazon and look for some books or go to Edward McKays'. I am one that likes to check out books and of course buy them because I want to write in them. The Library doesn't like it to much when you highlight and write in the books.
What kind of books do you read?
When do you read them?
Do you write in your books?
Do you like the smell of a new book?(I have a friend that loves that!!)
After all of this discussion, I think I may have make a list of my Top 10. I won't bore you with it, I will just post it on my blog.
Have a great day!!!!!!! And Happy Reading!!!!!!

Pam K

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WELL...It's About Time!!!!!!

Is anyone still out there????
Did we fall off the face of the earth???? No!
We are still here.
We are still working.
We are still studying.
We are still praying.
So, here is your opportunity.
Today is the start of something new and we want your help.
How can we minister to you?
What can we do for you to help you grow in your walk with the Lord?
What can you do to help others in their walk with the Lord?
This is your time. This is your time to share!!!!!!!!

I listened to Pastor Ricks message this past Sunday. I realized that I had made a commitment to this blog, the Women's Ministry and the Lord and I had fallen off the commitment.
I got busy, and life and this and that and there are nothing but excuses.
I hope that you will forgive me and let's get busy and get this blog back to where it needs to be and what the Lord intends for it to be.
I have changed the background, set up and this and that and will probably do so over the next week or so. JUMP IN!!!!!!
The Lord has given us the opportunity to share and encourage one another. I can't do this by myself.
I look forward to hearing from you.
If you have something to share? an idea? You can.....
send me a message on Facebook
send me an e-mail at
send me a Tweet at Doulamama08
or leave a comment with a way to contact you.
Let's get busy!!!!!!!!!

Serving Him,
Pam K.