Saturday, July 10, 2010

Searching for The Savior Saturday

This week I listened to a sermon by Andy Stanley that was given at the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando a few weeks ago. It was powerful and challenging. My toes hurt when the sermon was finished and at the same time I couldn’t wait to implement some of the things that I was hearing. There was a single question in the sermon that has continued to ring in my head and that question will be the extent of this post. Ministry is not just the programs at church; it is what you do every day to reach those around you for Christ. What is your answer?
Are you going to continue to be in love with a model of ministry, and simply flirt with the Great Commission,” he asked. “Or are you willing to fall in love with the Great Commission and abandon a model of ministry that you know in your heart is not making a difference in your city?”

Preparing for Spain,
Cindy Hunter

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