Monday, January 11, 2010

Good morning. Meet you there Monday is going to look a little different this week. I thought we would start the day with a funny. I hope you are smiling today but if not I hope this helps. Announcements at the bottom. Happy Monday.

One day a Pastor and a Brother took a Visitor fishing on a boat.

Once in the Middle of the lake, the Pastor said" I seem to have forgotten my fishing pole, be right back" and to the visitors amazement stepped out of the boat and walked on top of the water towards the shore.

When he had returned, the Brother said
"I need to use the restroom, be right back"

Again the visitor watched in amazement. Once the Brother returned, not wanting to be outdone, the visitor said " I need to use the restroom too"

As soon as he stepped out of the boat, he sank.

The Pastor nudged the Brother and said "We should have told him where the rocks were"

And here is what's going on this week

Tuesday Jan 12 9:15 1st place 4 Health
Wednesday Jan 13 6:15 New LDI classes start
Friday Jan 15 12:00 Women's Prayer Time

Mark your calendar:
February 6th- Preparing your hearts brunch
Look for Cornerstone to get a team for a walk/run 5K this spring
April 24th Beth Moore Simulcast

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