Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silent Sunday

If you were at a Beth Moore Simulcast yesterday, there is NO WAY YOU CAN BE SILENT!!!!!!!!

I believe that the Lord poured out His blessing and presence in that place.
I believe He is starting a mighty work in the lives of women.
I believe He is up to something with Secure Women.

I could type for the next 3 days about what He said to me yesterday BUT I won't do that. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!

Let's here it!!!!! What happened in your life yesterday? Are you different this morning?



  1. I was just so struck by the idea that "I choose to be insecure." No woman in her right mind would "choose" to be insecure. But the truth is it just big fat lies from the enemy! So from this day forward I will choose to be secure in Jesus Christ each and every day! Satan will no longer hold me in the grips of insecurity!

  2. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! It left me speechless and I am still processing......had to write on my blog about it.


  3. I need to get the book and read it now, I could not take notes fast enough when she got to the 'R'...some things hit me like a bolt of lightning.
    I found out that I had a few friends from High School that were at the church in Woodstock. They said it was so serene, and at times you could hear a pin drop, silence only broken by a gasps.

  4. We are going to put a copy of the book in the library for those who didn't get a copy but would like to read it. But what she did saturday was not in the book. I'll see if we can get the acrostic for SECURE posted here. Love you all!