Friday, April 30, 2010

Focused Friday

Good FRIDAY!!!!! To YOU!!!!!!!!
We have made it through another week. Maybe your week was long. Maybe it went way to fast. Maybe you have struggled this week. Maybe you have had a prolonged mountain top weekend. I am still not sure where I have landed yet. Last weekend, many women in Greensboro attended the Beth Moore Simulcast. It was truly an event! I did post the "Commissioning" and the acrostic on my computer at work. A constant reminder in front of me. I also purchased the Travis Cotrell CD and I think it has played a 100 times in my office on the computer.
Now, to get to the point of this Focused Friday. I have talked to a couple of other women that attended and I keep hearing the same thing.
I have come to realize that we have a choice.
We have a choice about our attitude.
We have a choice in our response.
We have a choice in our actions.
We have a choice to be secure.
Confidence does not equal arrogance.
We can be confident in HIM!
We can be confident in the CROSS!
We can have confidence in FORGIVENESS!
We can be confident in the RESURRECTION!
We can be confident in ETERNAL LIFE!
In that, we should be women who are confident, secure and beloved. We all have some type of "issue" with insecurity. I pray that you know Him. Oh, dear sister, if you do not, PLEASE, I beg of you, e-mail us, leave a comment and let us show you what security in Christ can do for you!!!!
If you are already a Beloved Child of the King, I would ask that you focus on Him today. Praise Him for your security. Make the CHOICE today to be that Secure Woman In Christ.
Pam K.

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  1. Amen sister! Preach it! We all need to be reminded that we have this choice to make each day of whether we will trust and choose security in Christ or not. Not choosing Him is a choice to not trust and to be insecure! Why is it the simple things we make so difficult? "Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve (or trust or believe)! Joshua 24:15b Thanks Pam for your honesty and transparency!