Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Testimony

Well, if you were at the Simulcast this weekend, you probably took part in this "Commissioning". It was so powerful and so filled. If you were not there, you can get a glimpse into what all we learned.
I was a part of this and Beth and her daughters posted it on their Blog over at Living Proof Ministries Blog. If you want to read more, you can click on the link to the right.
These are the statements that we echoed while holding hands with another sister in Christ on Saturday.
My Dear Sister
If Christ is Your Savior
You are the dwelling place
Of His own Spirit
You have it IN YOU
to be secure.
Every day of your life
You have a choice to make
You can live in your old defeat
Or you can turn from your unbelief
And choose life
Make up your mind
To put off the old you
And put on the new you.
Never, ever, ever forget
That the Lord is your security.
He will keep your foot
From being caught in a trap.
He will take care of you
To your very last breath.
Now, leave this place
And go out into the world
And act like a person
Who knows she’s dearly loved.
You were born to be exceptional.
So, Girlfriend, go forth
And walk worthy of your calling.
You are clothed in strength and dignity!
Now unto Him
Who can keep you from falling
Be glory and majesty
Power and authority
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Now and forever more
So Long, Insecurity!
There was also an accrostic that went with the word SECURE. If you missed any of the letters...here you go....
A secure woman is
S-Saved from herself
E-Entitled to truth
C-Clothed with intention
U-Upended by grace
R- Rebounded by love
E-Exceptional in life.
I plan on printing this and taping it to my computer at work and on the mirror in the bathroom.

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