Friday, April 9, 2010

Focused Friday

It's finally Friday!!!!! Praise the Lord! For me, it has been one of "those weeks". Lots of stress-ers in the midst of work and being just plain busy. At the same time this week, I chose to make conscience effort to focus on the positive and the good things. Trust me, I have discovered this week it is truly a choice.
Let's look at some examples......
Daycare is closed for Easter Monday
a)Get totally stressed because I need to work.
b)Pray about it and ask a friend who says "Of course, no problem"
New Electronic Medical Records System at work.
a)Become totally negative and want a pen and paper for life
b)Get excited about how much easier life is going to be once we figure it out and make it fun
Get home late and still need to do dinner, bath, bedtime, clean up a little
a)Get an attitude and bark orders and complain the entire time(Of course, I know that we don't ever do that right???)
b)Take one thing at a time and not get stressed and treasure every part of your evening.

Do you get the idea? I can honestly say that this has been a VERY busy week in our house and at work. I chose, with God's help, to stay focused on Him. What about your week? What and how did you chose to face your stess-ers?
Just something to think about and look at what you are focused on.....


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