Saturday, May 1, 2010

Searching For The Savior AND Silent Sunday

Tonight, I realized that I had forgotten to post this morning. At the same time, maybe there was a reason that I didn't.
Tonight my heart is heavy for a family that I have known for a very long time. They have been thru a lot and now things have taken a turn. It's headed down a road that no-one should EVER have to go down. The ugly "D" word of Divorce. But of course Separation comes prior to that.
What in the world is happening to our marriages?
Why are we not on our face before the Lord for them?
Oh, how my heart just hurts.
I have been there.
It is a hard place to be.
It's a lot of hurt and stress.
It's a lot of tears shed on shoulders and on pillows.
We need to share with that "safe" person if there is trouble.
We need to be transparent with our hurts.
The church is the place and the people that we should be leaning on.
If you or someone you know is having a marital problem, problems in a relationship with their children, no matter how old they are, please let someone know that is a "safe" person for you. TALK ABOUT IT and seek council!!!!!!!!!
We are here for you. This Saturday or Sunday that you read this, please pray. If you are someone that needs prayer, please leave it in the comments or contact us directly. My e-mail is . Just click and send me and e-mail.

Scripture says "Farbeit from me to sin against the Lord by NOT praying for you." PRAY !!!!!! (1Sam 12:23)

Pam K.

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