Friday, May 14, 2010

Focused Friday

This one maybe a little "touchy" or step on your toes but trust me, it has been all over me this week. I am sharing this from a personal perspective and not pointing fingers at ANYONE! Just something to consider or ponder and really pray over and ask Him to reveal what, if anything, that you need to change or do differently.
Ok, we all know about this wonderful world of technology. Yes, it is great! It has it's positives and it has it's fair shares of the negatives as well.
How many of you are on MySpace?
Are you on Facebook?
How much time do you spend in those places?
Do you have a blog, or 2 or 3?
I am a one that can get sucked into an Internet game in a heartbeat. Farm Town, Farmvile, know who you are...... I got sucked into the world of Bejeweled. What a fun game. What wonderful colors and Oh all the points you can get!!!!!! Very obsessive!!!!! Very easy to say, "Just one more time" "Just one more minute" "I can beat that last game" The other night as I sat saying all of those things and just kept playing over and over and over, I heard something. No, it was not that awful voice on the game that encourages you to keep going. It's sounds demonic at times when I think about it. Anyway, it occurred to me through this voice within me that this is wasted time. This is time I could be reading a book. I could be reading my Bible. I could be listening to Praise and Worship before going to bed. I could be praying. Where was my focus???? My focus was on the game. That is what I had chosen to do. I was convicted on the spot. I turned it off and repented for wasted time.
Now for confession. I'm sitting at a different computer and the enemy brings to mind that I should check my Facebook and see what's going on and maybe play a game or 2. Well, let's just say that MY GOD IS BIGGER! This computer DOES NOT HAVE the required program to run Bejeweled. Is He good or what?!!! He knew I would have a temptation and He gave me a way out. Bottom line is that I knew I was to write this post and was checking FB instead of writing. So, I am here to tell you, NO MORE BEJEWELED FOR ME!!!!!! He has made that clear to me and I must do what He has said!!!!!!
All of that being said...
What steals your focus?
What keeps you from doing what He what He wants you to do or not do?
I have heard it stated that anything that takes our focus off of Him is a sin/idol. OUCH!!!!!
I have been totally convicted. What are you focused on this Friday???

Pam K
1 Sam 12:23

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