Saturday, May 8, 2010


Well, it's almost Mother's Day. What are you doing?
Going to lunch with the family?
Getting breakfast in bed?
Going to your Mom's house?
Going to church in the morning?

Mother's Day is such a special day. It always amazes me to listen to people talk about what they have planned and what they are hoping to do. I have thought a lot about it this year. Many of you know some of the difficulties that we have dealt with our daughter. It's a bittersweet Mother's Day because we are not sure where she is this year.
Maybe you have a prodical child.
Maybe you yourself are a prodical child that has come home.
Maybe you are a Mom with empty arms because your child is already in heaven.
Maybe you are a Mom in your heart but you don't have that biological child.
Maybe you are a Mom by adoption.
Maybe you are a Spiritual Mom.
What is your Mother's Day going to mean to you this year??????
Ok, for the shy one's, I will start.....
My name is Pam. Mom to Kyle, Tonya, Kaleb and "Kiara" (miscarriage). Wife to Bo. A sinner saved by grace. My Mom is AWESOME!!!!! She is a blessing upon blessing. She and I have developed a relationship that is so close over the last 10 years that I would not trade for the world. My Grandmother was a Godly woman. I remember her standing in the kitchen while I sat in a recliner and listened to her pray for her friends. What an impact. My Granny was so dear. Always encouraging and because of her love of missions and taking my Mom to the WMU meetings when she was little, she shared that love and passion and now I have that heritage to share with my children. My Spiritual Mom lives on another continent but she is so close through e-mail, SKYPE (if I can figure that out) and of course FaceBook. She teaches and she keeps me focused. I miss all of these women. Mom is in Georgia but always as close as a phone. Grandmother and Granny are already serving the Lord in Heaven and Marsha is in Ukraine.
OK, now it's your turn. I pray there is a lot of you that share. Don't miss out on the blessing of sharing.

Happy Mother's Day,
Pam K.

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