Saturday, May 22, 2010

Searching For The Savior Saturday

Welcome to Saturday!
Are you excited that it is the weekend?
Is your schedule so full this weekend that you can't see straight?

This morning as I read about the plane crash in India, my heart just broke.
Yes, it's on the other side of the world.
Yes, I probably didn't know a single person on that plane.
Yes, I have traveled to India on 2 occasions and left a piece of my heart there and brought them home with me in my heart.
I find myself in the last couple of years thinking.......Those people have died and where are they spending eternity? Do you ever think about that? Do you ever read a story and say to yourself..."That is is just tragic" and keep going? There comes a sense of urgency when I see and read about things of this nature. Have you thought lately about your friends, you family, your neighbors and where will they be spending eternity? What are you doing to help them and show them about who Christ is and how much He loves them? I am once again convicted and my heart is broken for those that are wandering around WITHOUT HIM!!!!
What are you doing? Please share!!!!
What is the Lord asking you to do about the lost and dying?

Things to ponder today.
Pam K.

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