Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Testimony Tuesday

Welcome to Testimony Tuesday. I have been trying to really think about something to share here. It has been really hard for me understand and to write about Testimony Tuesday. Not that I don't have anything to share because I could share TOO much is my problem.
It's one of those things that when the Lord does a work in your life, it is really hard to want to keep it to yourself and you want to shout it from the roof tops and yes, people will look at you like you have totally lost your mind and they think you have totally gone off the deep end. Guess what??? That so does not matter!!!!! What matters is that when, not if, He is working in your life and we are looking beyond our circumstances do we realize what He is doing and give HIM ALL THE CREDIT. We can take NONE!!!!! So, my question for you today is, "What is He doing in your life?" If people think you have lost your mind, or if you have gone off the deep end, they can take it up with Him. What a thought?
The other thing that is concerning and something that I have been thinking a lot about lately is the fact that it is hard to get people to share on this day. Does that mean that He is not at work? Does that mean that you are not looking for Him? Are your circumstances so big that you can't see Him? Are you embarrassed? What keeps you back from wanting to shout it from the roof tops what He is doing in your life? I recently was listening to a teacher and she was talking about the day of Christ resurrection from the grave. She talked about Mary going to the tomb to prepare Jesus' body for burial. She was so much in grief. She was so intently focused on the facts about what she had seen with her eyes and experienced with the crucifixion and her hurting heart. She was prepared and ready to do what she was suppose to do. She was concerned about who would roll the stone away. She gets to the tomb and the stone is rolled away. Her first reaction is "Where have they taken Him?" Of course, this was her focus. She is grieving and she is concerned. She even speaks with the angels as if that was an everyday occurrence. She even turns and speaks to "The Gardener", Christ, Himself and doesn't even realize who she is speaking to UNTIL......He Says Her Name....."Mary" and the it hits her. He is alive. He is standing in front of her just like He had said and promised. I think just as the teacher was teaching, we get so wrapped up in our circumstances and what is happening here and there and Jesus is right there. He's calling your name. Have you heard Him? Are you listening? Don't miss Him because your focus is off. Then just like Mary, once you have regained your focus, GO AND TELL!!!!!!
All of that being said, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that He is for sure working in my life. I have watched Him move mountains in the last couple of weeks. I have seen Him change my attitude at work, my attitude at home and I can only give Him the credit. I have made the CHOICE to change my focus. What about you????? What is He doing in your life?????
Open door to let His praises ring!!!!!!!!!!
Securely His,
Pam K.

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