Sunday, October 11, 2009


Welcome to Cornerstone Women's Ministry blog "Cornerstone Woman". We are here to minister to women by helping them in three ways. One: Seek a more intimate relationship with God the Father through prayer and the study of His Word. Two: Helping the "Cornerstone Woman" build transparent relationships so they can receive love and encouragement no matter what season of life they are in. Three: By making a difference in the lives of women in our communities and neighborhoods by sharing the love of Jesus. Each day there will be a new entry. Mondays-Meet your there- will discuss upcoming events for the week and share any reports, news, testimonies from a women's event. Tuesday- Testimony Tuesday- sharing any testimonies from the women in our church. Wednesday-Worshipful Wednesday- Praise and Worship videos. Thursday- Think about it Thursday- a Bible verse, quote, devotion to challenge you in your walk with the Lord. Friday- Focused Friday- practical tips to help in your home, job, diet, exercise and relationships. Saturday-Focusing on women in another country and how we can pray for them. Sunday- Silent Sunday- A day of prayer, there will be a slide show of prayer request. So, that is what we are looking at. I would love anyone who feels they have a story to tell to please let me know so we can post your testimony. The women's ministry is excited to have this outlet to reach women. We pray you will find this encouraging, loving and challenging. Please be patient as we are still in construction but get excited about what is to come. I am!!

Serving with fervor,

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am speechless! This is absolutely fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for your vision & fervor!!!!