Friday, October 30, 2009

Yesterday we thought about how important prayer is to our life. So here are some practical tips on praying without ceasing.

1) Tape scripture to your cabinets and pray as you are working in your kitchen.

2) Pray for each person in your family as you fold their laundry.

3) Pray the specific areas of your house.

Family room-pray for harmony between children or purity in TV watching.
Kitchen- Thank God for being your daily bread and pray for healthy eating habits.
Kids Bedrooms- Pray for peaceful sleep and time to relax.

4) Housecleaning prayers
Pray as you clean your house. Be thankful for what you have. As you wipe away the dirt and grime ask God to clean your heart. To show any area that needs to be wiped clean so that you can shine for Him.

As you pick up toys pray for patience with your kids or grandkids.

Prepare a meal- Pray for provision

5) Keep a prayer journal

6) Every time you see a UPS truck pray for something specific.

7) Go on a prayer walk.

8) Pray for specific things on each day of the week.
Monday- Pray for the church.
Tuesday- Missionaries
Wednesday- Country
Thursday- friends and family
Friday- the sick
Saturday- neighbors
Sunday-the lost

9) Find a prayer partner

I hope that you can use some of these and find that prayer is becoming more and more a necessity and not a chore.

Serving with fervor,

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