Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome once again to Searching For The Savior Saturday. I am thrilled that you have stopped in to visit. It is an exciting time in the world of missions. The efforts that are going on around the world are just amazing. After much prayer and thought about exactly how we wanted to do SFTSS (Searching For The Savior Saturday). We were lead in the direction of each month we would focus on one "people group" in a particular country/region. This way we could really TRY and understand and know more specifically how to pray for those people. We will be looking at
How they raise their children-
What do they do for hobbies-
When do they get married-
What percentage of them are Christians-
Are they a country that is open to the gospel-
Are there missionaries in place there already-
How can we be praying specifically for them-
These are the things that we will be talking and praying and discussing. Of course we are getting prepared for the first country/region that we have been lead to. You will have to join us next week to find out where we will be.
No matter where we are, we are on a mission field. Your mission maybe-
Here in the states-
Maybe it's across the street to a neighbor-
Maybe it's in your place of employement-
Maybe it's your relatives-
Maybe it's your family in your own home-
Maybe the Lord is asking you to go to another state-
Another country-
Maybe it's in the grocery store to that single mom standing in line with 2 screaming children and you offer to help with the cart or hold a child while she pays-
Maybe it's taking the leap of faith and getting on an airplane to go to the other side of the world.
Only He knows what He has planned for us. It's up to us, when He shows us, act on it and be obedient.
I am reminded of the signs that we have at Cornerstone as you are leaving the parking lot. It says- "You are now entering the Mission Field".
Join us next week for the big kick-off. It's going to be GREAT!!!!!!!
Serving Him ONLY,

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