Sunday, November 1, 2009

For the next few Sunday's we are going to focus on our families and praying specifically for them. I hope you will join us. All of this comes from a great magazine called "Pray". More information on the magazine will be at the bottom of the posting today. Please feel free to visit this page on the blog throughout the week to be in prayer for your family. There are also scripture to go with each section. Let's get started.

God loves your family. Because He has a plan for every family member, you can trust His Spirit to bring that plan to pass. You may not see immediate answers to your prayers, but you can rest assured that the Lord is faithful. Be patient, stand on His promises, and watch Him work in your family.
Relationship With God
Salvation. Lord, You loved every person in my family so much that You gave Your only Son. You aren't willing that any soul be lost. May___________ accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and become a new creation in You. (John 3:16, Mt. 18:14, 1 Cor.5:17)
Intimacy with Christ
Thank you, Lord , that nothing can ever separate my family from Your love. We want to experience the depth of Your love and the power of Your resurrection, because we love You with all of our hearts, souls, and minds. (Rom. 8:35,37 , Phil. 3:10, Mt. 22:37-40)
Father, may my family grow a saving, mountain-moving faith in Jesus. May we turn our hearts toward You so that we live in Jesus, rooted in the truth of His word. (Acts 16:31, Mk. 11:23-24, Col. 2:6-7, Rom. 10:17)
Jesus, I pray that every family member will become more like You in every aspect of life. Fill us with Your joy and peace so that we may overflow with hope to the world around us. (Rom. 8:29, 15:13)

* This came from Pray Magazine's Prayer Card. You can find them at .*

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