Saturday, November 14, 2009

Searching For The Savior Saturday

Well, in looking for what I would want to share with you on this Saturday, I went searching for something profound to post about the Ukraine. I read and read and read but I really wanted something that was tangible, not necessarily with your hands but with your eyes. Something visual that you could actually see, think and pray about. In all of my searching I ended up on Tim and Marsha's Blog. I couldn't seem to get my eyes off the pictures. The people, the darkness, the lonliness, the searching that is written on their faces. The Ukrainians have been through so much. They are a country that is still growing, changing, and yet somethings are staying the same. All of this to say, below is the link to their website. This is called Virtual Prayer Walking. As each picture comes up through the slide show, Marsha has included something to be in prayer for. I would encourage you to take a few minutes to read, pray, and really look at the pictures. They will steal your heart.
Take the time. May He richly bless you!!!!!!

Serving Him Only,

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