Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here in the US we are dealing with the H1N1 Flu as well as the seasonal flu. As we focus on the Ukraine this week and how and what we can be praying for, I sent a request to Marsha and Tim to find out if there is something heavy on their heart this week that we can join them in praying for. She sent me this YOUTUBE video. It is heartbreaking for me to watch. You see, we take it for granted when we are sick and we just run to the hospital or the doctors office and they have the top of the line equipment, medications, etc that we need. As I watched this, I could not help but to think of my trip to Ukraine the first time. The hospitals had completely stopped with technology. Needles that are reused, empty shelves with no medications. It was truly gut-wrenching. I would ask that you take the few minutes of this video and as you watch it, pray. Pray for the health and safety of Marsha and Tim as they serve. Pray for those that they are in contact with to keep them healthy.

These are the specific request from Marsha and Tim. Please be praying. Marsha and Tim do visit the blog and if you would like to leave a comment or a prayer, please feel free to do so.
-Flu would be contained here.
-Our health so we can continue work.
-Schools reopen next week - pray for no increase in flu when that happens.
-Opportunity for us during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

Praying with You,

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