Friday, June 4, 2010

Focused Friday

Remembering God's Priority
Numbers 15:37-41
At times, people will say, "I've made Jesus a part of my life." But this statement reveals that they have missed the point. The truth is, Jesus can never be simply a part of life; at salvation, Jesus becomes our life—everything revolves around Him, because He is the central focus.
For the believer, the essence of living is to walk in childlike obedience to Christ. That means we express His righteous life simply by faith; to do this, we depend on the power of the Holy Spirit for enablement and divine grace for forgiveness when we stumble. And stumbling will occur because we live amidst two kingdoms that are in constant conflict. On the one hand, there's the pull of the world, and on the other, the pull of God. In other words, Satan throws temptations our way, but from our Father comes the appeal of holiness, peace, and joy in Christ.
That's why Jesus taught, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." The way to do this is by opening God's Word daily and letting Him use Scripture to flush from our minds anything that doesn't fit with His priority (Rom. 12:2). We are also to remind ourselves frequently of His commands and His greatness (Ps. 105:4-5; Num. 15:37-41).
The battle is ongoing. And it rages not just in the realms of education, science, politics, and finances but also within every human heart. Since there's no way to make it in life without Christ, it's critical that we keep God's priority as our own and make continual course corrections to stay on track.
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