Sunday, June 13, 2010

Silent Sunday

We will return to our Roman Road memorization next week. I found this on Living Proof's blog this week and just really wanted to share it here. I am watching marriages fall apart all around me and it just absolutely breaks my heart.
Melissa, Beth's daughter, wrote this about her wedding ring that had to be repaired. It made so much sense at the end when she compared the ring to be repaired. You can link up with their blog on the right sidebar.
I give ALL credit to her here. This has just stuck in my head all week.

"Our marriages are somewhat like my engagement ring. The core – the diamond – holds a great love story with lots of passion and commitment. But everyday wear and tear and the occasional traumatic event can do a number on the metal that holds it together. Some of our rings could just use some polishing while others need some real restoration. God can do both! Remember that He loves marriage. He created it, after all. I’m praying that God will show each one of us a specific way we can invest in our marriage to strengthen it and bring out its beauty."

Have a beautiful Sunday!!!!
Pam K.

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