Thursday, June 3, 2010

Think About It Thursday

Thought for the week: I Kings 1:1-10 " In the time of a Crisis"
King David is coming to the end of his life, he is old and sick. His eldest son sees an opportunity to exalt himself to the throne even though he knows God has chosen Solomon to be the next King. Adonijah even begins a feast in his own honor to celebrate his new position. This could be a sad day for Israel if he takes over. David is made aware of the situation and takes action quickly and makes Solomon his coregent(co- King) and derails Adonijah. When a crisis comes, the crisis isn't what makes a person. A crisis shows what a person is made of. Different people respond differently. David is a good example even in his poor physical condition. David responds immediately; he knew there was nothing to gain and everything to lose if he failed to act quickly. Then David stayed with those who were loyal. A prophet, a priest & a bodyguard were men he could trust. Be careful who you are close to. Choose your friends and associates carefully; they will care for you when others forsake you. Many followed Adonijah mistakenly. David also served his generation by the will of God. He did the right thing according to what God wanted. And in closing, it helps when you face a crisis if you know the Lord as your savior and remember that God is always faithful. God will do what He needs to do for our good and His glory. David knew God was with him; he was not afraid. Friends, God is with you and will bless you as long as you follow and do His will. Adonijah was not a leader but an opportunist. A leader will ask "What can I do to help people?" An opportunist will ask, " How can I use this situation to promote myself and get what I want."

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