Saturday, June 19, 2010

Searching For The Savior Saturday

Over the past couple of weeks some circumstances have challenged me to consider this question – “Do I have a heart for missions or a heart for the lost?” Maybe at first, you see no difference in the two, but I am learning there is definitely a difference. I have also decided it is possible to have a heart for missions and not a heart for the lost, but you cannot have a heart for the lost and not have a heart for missions.” Confused yet? As you read on, pray that God will show you which heart you have, or do you have one of these hearts at all? Grab a Diet Coke (my choice of drink on a Saturday morning) and let’s spend a little time together.
I’ve heard a lot of people say lately that they have a heart for missions. What does a heart for missions look like? It is a heart that loves seeing and hearing the results of mission work. It is a heart that enjoys serving at the homeless shelter and traveling to foreign countries to do “mission work.” It is one that finds great joy in giving to the mission offerings or building a church in third world country. It is a heart that can’t stand to camp but will spend ten days or ten years in an African village sleeping on straw mats and carrying water in a clay pot. Nothing I have listed above is bad. But most of what I have listed reflects a heart for “mission work.” Unfortunately, for many that is where their heart is (and was for me for a long time). They have a love for the work of a missionary.
Now ask yourself what it looks like to have a heart for lost. What’s the difference in a heart for the lost and a heart for missions? I think a heart for the lost looks broken and crushed because someone today is dying without knowing Jesus. Their heart hurts because today someone is facing cancer, divorce, financial burdens, loss of a child, life decisions, … without the hope and peace that comes from having a relationship with Jesus. I think someone with a heart for the lost has a heart for people and not work.
So back to my original question – which heart do I have? When was the last time I mourned over the fact that today someone I know will face another day without Jesus? What about you? God is growing the heart for the lost in me and it is scary and exciting. He is challenging me to prove what my heart is really about (check out June 19th post on my blog at to read of one of those challenges).
If I have a heart for the lost I am going to have a heart for missions – because as we discussed last week – missions exist to bring all people to the point of worshiping God. But I can have a heart for missions – for the work they are doing, for the good things that come out of missions, even for the good organizations or people who are doing missions – and not have a heart for the lost. A heart for missions will help do great things. A heart for the lost will change eternity.
My heart is changing daily. I am growing a heart for the lost that is making the wait to reach the lost of Spain harder by the day, yet at the same time making me want to grab every available opportunity here in Greensboro to share His love. My heart is growing more and more crushed for the lost and more and more in love with being called to be a missionary. I’ve got a long way to go to have the heart I believe God intended for me to have. It’s been humbling to admit the need for this change and yet exciting to see how God is working.
What about you? Where is your heart today? This week’s challenge – ask some hard questions of yourself. When was the last time you mourned the fact that people all around you were dying without Jesus? Are you ready to set aside your pride of being in church and a Christian all your life and ask God to give you a heart for the lost? Be prepared for Him to answer with a resounding yes.

Cindy Hunter

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