Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Testimony Tuesday

I have the honor of getting to write a lot of what you read on here. I use a lot of resources from PrayMag, The International Mission Board, New Direction Ministries, and other powerful resources. Yet, one of the most powerful resources is US. We have seen. We have heard. We have eaten. We have tasted. We know what the Lord can do. We have seen Him do a mighty work in each and everyone of us. Shame on us for not wanting to share. All of that being said, I took liberty today (Hope that is OK Tara:) )
I felt the need to share about what happened this past weekend in church on Valentines Day. Yes, it was a day of "Love" to the secular world. A day of going out to eat with that spouse, spouse-to-be, that boyfriend or girlfriend or even just spending time with friends and family. As I went into church for the service, I found out very quickly that I was not prepared for what was about to happen. For what I was about to experience. We read from Isaiah 53. We talked about the crucifixion and what all it REALLY meant. What He took on for us. What He humbled Himself to do. What He went through for ME and YOU. To really ponder that and take the time to really meditate on it just brought me to my knees. I was overwhelmed to think on that. Shame on me for going about my life day to day and not remember that without that act of dying on the cross, I would be living a life that had absolutely NO MEANING!!!!
We had The Lords Supper. As the music played, we sang, and I prayed. I was just absolutely speechless. All I could do is sit there with my eyes closed and let the tears flow. There were no stopping them this morning. It was a movement of the Holy Spirit working in my heart and in my life. What was uttered in those moments between He and I are not important for me to share publicly but I know that when we were finished, I was a different person when I walked out of that sanctuary Sunday morning.
I have been so convicted. I have not finished my journey with the Lord. None of us have that are still in this foreign land called Earth. My journey will be complete when I am standing in front of my Lord and Savior. So, you may ask...What all does this mean? What does it mean to me?
First, if you don't know the Lord as your Savior, call a friend that is saved, call a Pastor, e-mail us, post a comment and we will introduce you to The Savior.
Secondly, if you know "of" Him and you are struggling with a daily relationship with Him and spending time with Him, please e-mail us, leave a comment and let us know and we would be happy to encourage you.
Thirdly, if you know that you know Him and you are struggling, please let us pray for you. There is power in prayer.
This Valentines Day was a true day of Love in my heart, not only for my family but a refreshment of the First Love that I have felt and experienced before that I was struggling so hard to find again. Oh, I found Him!!!!!! Oh, I found Him!!!!! Praise His Name!!!!! I found Him!!!! He never left me. He never forsakes me. He is the same yesterday, tomorrow, and forever. Praise You!!!!!!
Giving Him All The Glory,

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  1. I agree Pam! Sunday's service was amazing! There is nothing like experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit in His House! Thank you for sharing!