Friday, February 19, 2010

Focused Friday

Just some thoughts for our "Focus" today.
Let me just ask some questions.
What are you focused on?
Is it your family?
Is it your children?
Is it your job?
Is it being the perfect wife and mom?
Is it striving to put everything you have into "your ministry"?
I have heard it said that if someone were to look at your checkbook, they would know where your heart is.
I read a blog the other day and the husband of the "Blogger" said....If you looked at the addresses on your computer and the list of the most visited sites, you know what your focus is.
I was stunned. I never thought of that.
Of course, our focus should be on the LORD!!!!!! If our focus is centered on Christ, then all of the other "stuff" just falls into place.
No, they don't always go the way we think.
No, they are not all perfect.
Our heart, our mind, our thoughts, our words and EVERYTHING about us should be focused on HIM FIRST!!!!!

As you strive to focus for the coming weekend, what and who are you FOCUSED on?


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