Thursday, March 18, 2010


We women are busy wearing many, many hats. Wife, Mom, Grandmother, sister, teacher, boss, employee, caregiver....As we go through our day we are very quick(most of the time) to offer grace to all the people around us but when we get rundown, behind on the laundry, don't fix our families a healthy meal, we are very quick to criticize ourselves. We all go through seasons of life, some are extremely stressful and they get us out of our routine. I encourage you today to not only extend grace to all those around you but to extend grace to yourself. Whatever your circumstance in life, whatever season you find yourself in the MOST important thing is to understand where you stand in life and to whom you belong. Put your head down and plow through when things are hectic or a situation throws you for a loop with a heaping pile of grace.

Happy Thursday

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