Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is a powerful thing. I just want to share with you something God did on Sunday night. I was scheduled to do the special music Sunday night. It has been a long time since I have sung and I was nervous, but I was certain God had directed me to this particular song, I had practiced and I was excited. Then I came down with this cold and literally nothing was coming out. I almost pulled Dave aside and told him I couldn't do it, but I had some people say, "NO, we will pray you through this. My husband prayed for me and I had some dear friends pray for me. Honestly, I wanted to throw up my hands and quit but I kept hearing this voice saying "They are praying are you expecting Me to answer." I had to admit that I didn't truly believe I was going to be able to sing that night but I said okay. I got to church and I had not sang the song without my voice leaving me or going into what Troy called dead ducketto(you know instead of falsetto). I looked up and across the room I saw a prayer warrior, I went to her with tears and asked her to pray and we did. She reminded me that I was singing for an audience of One. The time came and the presence of the Lord completely took over. I was sitting at His feet, praising and worshiping Him like I do most mornings in my pj's. I don't really remember much about singing the song or how it sounded but I do know that God answered my prayers and if I had given in and quit I would have missed out on a huge blessing. I also learned that when I ask people to pray for me I should do so expecting answers. What started out as a night where I thought I was supposed to sing a song turned into an appointment with MY LORD I will not soon forget.

Running the Race,

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