Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ok girls, a discussion requires more than one or two participants. I know you are out there and reading your book but I’ve got a sneaky feeling our “insecurities” might be keeping us from posting if we have to identify ourselves. So, only anonymous posts from now on! Go back to week one and two and post anonymously if you’d like. You don’t have to give your name only your age decade and whether married or single. The point is to reach out and relate to one another on this issue that cripples us on a regular basis.

We’re about to dig up eight deep roots of insecurity. No, we’re not looking for excuses but a little understanding can go a mighty long way. Haven’t you ever wondered why it dogs you so? You may be about to find out. This week give special attention to Chapters FIVE and SIX. Here are the two questions to answer on the blog:

1. After reading these two chapters, what do you believe to be the TWO primary roots of your struggle with insecurity? Keep in mind that more may apply but try to lock in on two that you believe to be most impactful.

2. What, if any, insight did you gain about the roots of insecurity and did you sense that God was trying to speak to you in any specific way through it? (This answer does not need to be limited to the two roots you identified in the previous response.)

These may sound like simple questions but we will have some interesting reading this week. Go to it, Girlfriends! Remember, you have until next Monday morning to make your comments.

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