Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I cannot figure out my body! How come when I am so exhausted I cannot sleep? I just knew when I fell into bed last night I would not remember my head even hitting the pillow. I was tired physically, mentally, emotionally, ... just totally worn out! But guess what? I remember my head hitting the pillow, Scott's head hitting the pillow, the kids going to bed, the bugs singing, the cat settling down for the night, the clock numbers changing one by one and a whole lot more. Eventually I got up and tried sleeping somewhere else.

But sleep still evaded me. So, as any good list maker and type A personality would do, I decided to take full advantage of my being awake. First I thought through what I needed to do today. Then when I was sure I had my day filled I decided to get "spiritual." Maybe if I spent time with God I would sleep. So I started in with God on my list - praying about the kids, for some friends who need a special touch, for the house to sell, for our partnership development, and a whole lot more stuff. Guess what - I was not only still awake, I was no more relaxed and ready to fall asleep than I was when I worked on my to do list.

Then I remembered about a year ago reading an article about not being able to sleep and decided to give it's method a try. Just use the hours of the night to spend time with God for who God is. Not for what He can do or you need Him to do, just for who he is. Spend time resting in His arms and praising and thanking him for being God. The article offered several strategies but the only one I could remember was alphabetical. Shoot - it was the middle of the night, I was exhausted, and sleep was nowhere to be found - so why not give it a try. And so I began...
  • A - God you are amazing, almighty, all powerful, all knowing, ...
  • B - God I praise you for being my God, the blessings you have bestowed on me, ...
  • C - your creation is beyond anything words can express, thank you for the cross, ..
  • D - your death Lord was the cost of my salvation and I thank you...
Somewhere around E or F I began to feel myself totally relaxing and the last thing I remember is telling God that I praise Him for my life that will be lived eternally.

This wasn't a gimmick, it was relationship that gave a peace that passes all understanding. By just spending time with God and remembering what kind of God He was I not only relaxed physically, but mentally and emotionally and was able to drift into a peaceful sleep knowing who holds my life and all the details in it in his hands.

And the rest of the night was filled with sleep..... until the cat decided she needed to be under the blinds in the window - but at least it was morning at that point.

What's keeping you awake at night? What do you do to when you can't sleep? Is it working? Maybe remembering your ABC's will work for you too. May tonight be filled with peaceful, restful sleep!


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