Monday, March 1, 2010

March First-in-Prayer event: "Marching for the Next Generation”
In Judges 4 we are told of the prophetess, Deborah, who was leading Israel when they were enslaved by a ruthless Canaanite king, Jabin. We are not told much about Deborah’s background (Was she a wife? Mother?), rather we are told of her usefulness to God and the nation of Israel as the enemy retreated and the people of Israel became free! In response to the freedom, Deborah broke into song that spoke to her soul: “March on, my soul; be strong!” (Judges 5:21)
So, now that the weather is warming up, let’s grab some friends and plan to meet at a school/college over a weekend and march through the parking lot and/or track. Let our next generation not be defeated as we cry out to God and pray His word over the campuses and give glory to Him for His response!
Consider meeting as a Sunday School class or small group. Or, use this as an opportunity to make some new friends at Cornerstone! Invite someone you don't really know to walk with you. Join forces and get acquainted!
A table in the Commons area will have a handout with suggested prayers. Also, to encourage others, once you walk, please grab a "foot print" cutout from the table and write down the name of the school/college and when you went and post it on the board! Over the month, let's try to march over every school in the area and cover them in prayer!!!! (Watch out for no trespassing signs...)

Tuesday Mar. 2 9:15 1st place 4 Health

Tuesday Mar. 2 7:00 “Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed” Bible study(led by Nancy Byrd)

WednesdayMar. 3 6:15 Women’s LDI Class, “Becoming a Woman of Freedom”, Modular Bldg C

Friday Morning Mar. 5 10:00 “Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed” Bible study (led by Michelle Pizzaro)

FridayMar. 5 12:00 Women's Prayer Time

He is a little funny to start your Monday with a smile.

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